Company Profile

BD MOBILE LIMITED is a company incorporated in Bangladesh to host and manage content and to develop and offer content and value added services to Service Carriers in Bangladesh for its mobile phone subscribers. For this purpose it will host and operate a content hosting and deliver to operator's platforms. It will develop and offer its own content to GP for its subscribers.

BD MOBILE LIMITED believes speed to market, content freshness, and the ability competence and reliability to deliver content at the right time and right place.

It recognizes the mobile telecommunication industry and its high level of global standardization dictates content providers must possess the required global knowledge, content and expertise, in addition to the local know-how and business relationship to compete locally and to be successful. Hence BDML's stakeholders consist of a Consortium of the best of breeds. The combination of their respective attributes and commitment offers comprehensive content portfolio, proven infrastructure and delivery reliability to GP in the shortest possible time, a new service differentiator and a significant new revenue stream.

BD MOBILE LIMITED is directly working with Music Industries Association of Bangladesh (MIB), whose current strengths will be reinforced with strategic partners expertise and better mobile entertainment based content services. It will offer its insights, understanding and sensitivities to the Bangladesh music culture and business practices, and its business relationship, track record and integrity with the Carriers.

BD MOBILE LIMITED, it owns an extensive content library of WAP, IVR, PRBT based content such as Full Tracks download, audio-video streaming, logos and games, has strategic partnerships with and rights of global content owners and a proven content hosting and delivery infrastructure next to none.

Also BDMLs business skills that translate business ideas into value propositions, knowledge, funds and expertise and insights to execute nurture and manage the business.

In short, a seamless collection of critical attributes of the whole content value chain plus the commitment and passion to surprise and delight GP and its subscribers alike.

Value Added Services

The suggested content and services can be selected from the library and uploaded to the content hosting or delivery infrastructure or the web portal for access by GP subscribers. Some of these services can only be made available subject to availability of such functionality in the GP's network. A suggested category portfolio of content/services may include.

  • WAP based News Headline news headline for the day can be displayed.
  • WAP based Sports Results and Updates on cricket, soccer, golf, F1 etc
  • Quizzes/Trivia short knowledge based contest on sports etc with timing to encourage users to play
  • Voting Services events can be created for users to enter their vote
  • Downloadable Full Tracks, polyphonic ring tones, wallpapers, animations videos and java games, etc.
  • Ring Back Tones (RBT) users can select their favorite tunes as ring back tones.
  • True tones sports related true tones-sound effect available for download.
  • Video bulletin/streaming e.g. breaking news, sports moments
  • Chats.

BDML strengths lie in its:

Proven core content and delivery infrastructure developed over the years. It has a flexible and modular architecture consisting of

  • A core hosting and delivery platform (capable of linking to Service Carriers) to host/consolidate and deliver its own and third party content identified by Service Carrier.
  • Standard interfaces/drivers to most industry leading WAP sites, ensuring quick and reliable roll out of services.
  • Interfaces to TV and Radio broadcast systems, allowing for bundling of and interactivity in TV/Radio shows and SMS messaging for voting, chats, advertising and left to the creative mind, a host of other possibilities in combining the 2 mediums.
  • Customizable Content Web Portals (integrated to the core hosting and delivery infrastructure) offering

Service Carrier Content Selection from the Content Portfolio as a Service Carrier branded service.

-Enterprises user interface and established links to Service Carrier network to offer WAP services.

-Configurable applications engines for games, quizzes, voting and advertising to meet quick turnaround time for new and ever changing taste of subscribers and customers of enterprises.

Experienced Sales, Marketing and Product Development team with intimate knowledge of the content business and attuned to what current content sells, what new content possibilities exists as the network migrate to GPRS, EDGE and where the next killer is likely to be.

-Access and RIGHTS to local and content in demand through established Strategic Alliances with global content providers such as the Music Labels, News provides, Movie Studios, Celebrities, Cartoon production houses, etc.

-Experienced Content development team attuned to subscriber wants and the technical ability to turn them into content and services, as subscribers demand it.

Vision and Mission

Becoming the leading content aggregator and one stop solution provider is the aim of BDML for content creation/development/deployment and provisioning, and various mobile applications solutions in the Bangladesh and global market.

Through our expanding content distribution channels, we are now actively sourcing to establish partnerships with suitable audio-visual companies around the world. Not merely in the line of mobile content but also in the line of mobile solution business. We have the confidence and capabilities to deliver excellent results to all our partners such as GP.

Target Customers

BDML mainly targeted the youths aging from 10 to 45 to be the prime customer of the contents, who have a mobile set and minimum experience/understanding of SMS, IVR, WAP and RBT services. This group mostly use mobile for basic communication and entertainment purpose. For this group BDML offered lot of entertainment content, like Ploy Ring Tone, PRBT, Wallpapers, Games, Color Logos, Picture Messages, Themes, Animations, etc. and a lot of contents/services is in the pipeline to come in the near future, like Mobile TV, Mobile Blogging, Instant Messenger, etc.

For corporate solutions, BDML's targets Banks, Security Firms, Insurance Companies, Educational Institutes, MLM companies, Universities, Pharmaceuticals, Garments, Marketing Companies, Airlines, etc. who needs to communicate with a wide range of people for external and internal purposes.

Service Level

Currently, BDML is supported and committed to retain the Telco's customer base by giving them excellent services and full 24/7 technical support throughout the year. The efforts are mostly focused on

- content management

- marketing & business strategies

- technology adaptation