About Us

BD MOBILE LIMITED is a company incorporated in Bangladesh to host and manage content and to develop and offer content and value added services to Service Carriers in Bangladesh for its mobile phone subscribers. For this purpose it will host and operate a content hosting and deliver to operator's platforms. It will develop and offer its own content to Local & Global Market.

BD MOBILE LIMITED believes speed to market, content freshness, and the ability competence and reliability to deliver content at the right time and right place. It recognizes the mobile telecommunication industry and its high level of global standardization dictates content providers must posses the required global knowledge, content and expertise, in addition to the local know-how and business relationship to compete locally and to be successful. Hence BDML's stakeholders consist of a Consortium of the best of breeds. The combination of their respective attributes and commitment offers comprehensive content portfolio, proven infrastructure and delivery reliability to all operators in the shortest possible time, a new service differentiator and a significant new revenue stream.

BD MOBILE LIMITED is directly working with Music Industries Association of Bangladesh (MIB), whose current strengths will be reinforced with strategic partners' expertise and better mobile entertainment based content services. It will offer its insights, understanding and sensitivities to the Bangladesh music culture and business practices, and its business relationship, track record and integrity with the Carriers.

BD MOBILE LIMITED, it owns an extensive content library of WAP, IVR, CRBT based content such as Full Tracks download, audio-video streaming, logos and games, has strategic partnerships with and rights of global content owners and a proven content hosting and delivery infrastructure next to none.